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Who is Justin Balboa?


Im a long time artist music enthusiast. Ive been to somewhere close to 1500 concerts and festivals in my life.

No one act has ever inspired me more than Pretty Lights and his movement. Since 2008 its been such a journey. From living in Boulder those early years and getting to witness the birth and follow it to Chicago and then back to Denver. Ive been very lucky. The evolution and progression has been inspiring and has been a soundtrack to my life ever since I first heard.

Id goto festivals and shows and draw on the lot or in the woods to relax. Eventually made some custom one of a kind New Era hats and posters back in the early years. It was a pre-show form of anxiety relief. A skill/tool I forgot or was to embarrassed to use for years. Life has a way of separating you from your passions sometimes...

In 2023 PL announced the return of the band and Derek made a speech in Philly that moved many of us. After that I decided to share some or my art Id been creating on tour and try to connect with more people and not be in fear of putting myself out there (a consistent current struggle to overcome it seems).

I was lucky enough to get out on the Spaceship Soundsystem Tour and pass out stickers and posters it was really awesome. Led me to meet so many amazing people and was a big help in overcoming some anxiety.

So I set up a site to help focus my art goals. Simply because life is too short to have sorrows and you might be here today and gone tomorrow. Trying to do something before Im Out of Time...

Thank you so much for the support and friendship.

Check out some art inspired by the past, present, and future. Right now mostly PL, but will be getting into Daily Bread and Griz again down the road. As well as potentially connecting with more PLF artists and musicians.


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